Monday, June 11, 2018

Ten Months

Our girl is ten months old!  This past month seemed to have flown by.  Pais has 4 teeth - her front bottom two and two on the top.  Her teeth on the top aren't the front two though, they are more on the side.  Riley calls them her hillbilly teeth.

With all those teeth, mama has called it quits and Pais gets now gets all her milk from a bottle.  We've got a stash of frozen milk in the freezer that we are hoping will last til her first birthday.


She finally has crawling down!  Paisley used to do a weird bear crawl on her toes that would transition to an army crawl, but just here recently she got crawling on her knees figured out.  She can go from her tummy to a seated position and if she has something to hang on to, she can pull herself up to a standing position.  If Riley or I are sitting on the floor, she will use our legs to crawl on to be able to stand.  She has started to walk along with couch too!  It seems like in just the last week she has grown so much with all her new skills.

Paisley is loving getting to taste new foods.  She eats regular table food much better than she will eat baby food.  She'll still eat baby food, but often doesn't want much to do with it.  Lately, I've been giving her a little of whatever we are eating as long as it isn't a choking hazard.  She still isn't too keen on veggies, but other than that she will usually eat whatever we give her.  Current favorites are toast, eggs, watermelon, biscuits, rice, ham, and her all time favorite - graham crackers.

Saturday, June 9, 2018


We went to our first rodeo as a family last night.  It was in Washington and Riley had gotten free tickets from work.  It was hot and we didn't last through the whole thing, but it was a nice family outing.

Although Ollie isn't a fan of dogs, he enjoyed watching the rodeo clown with his large group of trained dogs do tricks.  A cavalry group also performed and he loved watching them shoot the balloons.  

He saw somebody walk by with ice cream and just had to have some!  :)

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Doggy Toes

Ollie has been afraid of dogs for quite some time now.  About a year ago Haley and Dalton's dog, Ruger, knocked him off of a step.  He was just a pup and trying to play, but Oliver hasn't forgotten about it.  He'll tell you exactly what happened with the step, him falling, hitting his head, and doggy toes stepping on him.

After swimming the other day I was loading the kids into the van and Ollie heard a dog barking.  Check out this video to hear our conversation.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Little Fishes

We ventured to the Clay Center Aquatic Park for the first time this summer.  It's a great little spot and we only made it once last summer due to me being all hot and pregnant.

Our plan this year is to try to visit at least once a week!

I didn't get any photos of them in the pool due to fear for my phone with Paisley's crazy splashing.... but here are a few snapshots during pool check.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Ollie's First Lemonade Stand

We had a garage sale last Saturday and were able to get rid of some things that have been taking up space.  Everybody that came bought stuff (and some bought lots of stuff!), but we really didn't have a ton of traffic.  We got rid of some stuff and made a decent amount of money, so I'm calling it a win.

Riley was at work so I had both kiddos while running the garage sale.  Looking back, I'm glad it wasn't super busy because that could have been a lot with both kiddos.  To help keep Ollie entertained and busy, he had a lemonade stand.  He had 4-5 customers and they all tipped him.  Several said it was the best lemonade they had ever had.  Haha, thanks Country Time.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Annual Anniversary Photo - Year Five

Riley and I celebrate five years today. 

Our waist may be a little thicker, our hair a bit thinner, our responsibilities more, and our sleep much less, but our blessings are plentiful and our hearts are happy.