Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Summer Review (part 3)

Okay, so here is the last of my summer review posts.  These are all from last week and weekend, but I figured I would just continue with this summer review and get caught up on blogging.  Although it feels like summer has been over for a while now with the start of school, I always feel like Labor Day really marks the end of summer.  I am very much ready for some cooler temperatures that fall will soon bring.

Here is my cheeseball on one extra smiley day.

I got this foam clown nose from one of my preschoolers on the last day of school.  It was one of Oliver's favorite this summer and he loved to wear it.

He'd put it on and just crack himself up.  (I wish I would have gotten a video, it was hilarious.)

I think it is probably headed for the trash soon, because he has worn it out so much that it is about to split in half.

Since school has started back up, Oliver and I have been taking walks after school.  We stopped at the little park at the community center and Ollie had a ball.

I don't know if it is the angle of the camera or what, but he looks so BIG.

(He is also sporting his new John Deere hat that daddy bought him.  It is still a bit big, but he loves it.)

Riley was out of town to Colorado for his cousin Nick's funeral on Friday and Saturday, so Ollie and I had a mommy/baby date on Friday night.  We ran some errands and ate supper at McAlister's.

I've never purchased a separate meal for Ollie, because he typically just eats off of our plate.  However, McAlister's had a $0.99 kids meal and the sandwich I ordered was probably too spicy for him, so I gave it a try.
He was in heaven!  He ate all of his applesauce and teddy grahams, some of his mac and cheese, and my pickle.

Apparently, that pickle was a bit sour at first :)

After McAlister's, our date continued at Orange Leaf where we shared some frozen yogurt.

He may have been a better date than what I am used to, haha ;)

Since Riley was still out of town on Saturday, Oliver and I went to Topeka to help Haley with her wedding planning. 

He was super helpful and we actually got quite a bit accomplished.

We did some wedding shopping and ate lunch at Chili's.  Ollie was a black-bean-eating-machine.

Ollie continues to love tractors, cars, and trucks.  He definitely has the sounds mastered.

Jaime and Shelby recently returned from a Europe trip.  They brought us back many goodies.

Ollie's bear from Slovenia is so soft and he adores it.

We went to church in Manhattan on Sunday and Riley really wanted to eat McAlister's after seeing photos from Ollie and I's date.  We agreed to suck it up and eat there again.  (No complaints from either of us.)  Ollie had a strange way of eating his applesauce, as he would lean his head back for each bite.  Whatever works, I guess.

One of Ollie's biggest changes this summer came just this past Sunday. 

We decided to try out removing the front of his crib and turn in into a toddler bed.  We were a little unsure, but figured that if it didn't work, we could always put it back on.  (And by we, I of course, mean Riley.  Riley can put it back on.  Hehe.)

So far, so good.  He's slept several times in it (naps & nighttime) and has done pretty well.  He came out 5-6 times at first, but he is getting it.  If we leave his door open a little crack, he gets up and closes it all the way.  

Apparently last night, he was just too tired to make it back to his bed before falling alseep :)

Summer Review (part 2)

To continue with my summer review, here are some more photos and videos from the summer.  They span from mid August to the end of August.

My dad spent some time with us here and there as he was working at Fort Riley.

Ollie has fallen in love with blueberries and they were is summer go-to, other than watermelon, of course.

Since I spent my summer teaching summer camp at the preschool, Ollie spent his days at daycare.  He loves Teresa (and her husband, Mike, even more).  As all little boys do, he crashed pretty hard this summer one day at daycare.  He was running and fell into the bottom of the couch.  It left a bump and a rug burn, but he's a tough little guy and it didn't slow him down a bit.

Riley made two trips to Texas, one right after the other, for work.  Ollie and I enjoyed our snuggles as he took over Riley's side of the bed.  We even moved a TV and DVD player in the bedroom so we could watch The Grinch and snuggle on the weekend.

He really was missing his daddy, don't let all these smiles fool you.

We took lots of walks this summer.  Ollie is usually very content in the stroller and enjoys the ride.

Riley's friend from college, Cameron, got married this summer.  (The wedding was in between Riley's two trips to Texas, so we were glad that he made it back so we would attend together.)

Ollie was such a good boy during the ceremony and at the reception.  He sat in his own chair at the reception and stayed busy eating snacks.

He also hit the bar pretty hard.  Water on the rocks with a straw.

My parents made a motorcycle trip or two out to see us (let's get real, it was just to see Ollie) when it had been a while since they had seen us.

Ollie has been loving cars, trucks, and tractors recently.  Riley dug into his own childhood toy stash in the basement and found some for Ollie to play with.  They are his new favorites.
...and of course, being naked is his favorite too.

Donuts in your jammies, what could be better.

Ollie has started to recognize when he needs his diaper changed and is much more willing to have it done.  He will collect a diaper and wipes, and even get wipes out for you.  He also helps to identify his stinky poop with a shake of his head and verbal "ueeck."

Ollie has also started to really like sitting in a booth like a big boy.  Lately, when we go out to eat, he sits in the booth until it is time to eat at which time we move him into a high chair. 
He just looks so big sitting there.

Oliver hasn't quite developed his patience as he gets quite frustrated when something doesn't do what he wants it to.  Most of his frustration is during play as you can see here while he is trying to play with his nesting blocks.

The following photos were from the last weekend in August.  On a whim, we decided to go to Horton since Derrick, Heidi, and the boys were there and we hadn't seen them since Carter's birthday in May.

Ollie enjoyed his first four-wheeler ride.