Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Heart Breaker

Since I took some fun Valentine's Day photos with Pais, I wanted to do the same with Ollie.  With all the pink and red that surround Valentine's Day it seems too girly for my little guy, so we did something different.

He was obviously thrilled.

(Not sure if it's his hair or what, but he looks so different in this picture.)

Valentine Beauty

Monday, February 12, 2018

Ollie - 3 years / Pais - 6 months

Riley and I took a little time on Sunday to take some photos of the kiddos (me playing photographer and Riley playing my handsome assistant).

Obviously they are nowhere near professional quality photos, but I enjoy playing around with photography especially with such cute subjects.

Sunday, February 11, 2018


Today was just a lazy Sunday and it was much needed after back-to-back birthday weekends.  We spent the day getting some stuff done around the house, but mainly just regrouping before starting another week.

Paisley was relaxing in her bouncy seat when I looked her and she was sitting up.  That was a first!  She loves to sit up in her bumbo, on people's laps, and with help on the floor.  She still needs lots of support when sitting up so we were very surprised that she worked her little abs enough to get sat up.

 Such a big girl!

Ollie also hit a milestone today.  He now shaves! Haha!

Ollie's Birthday Date

Oliver has had a big adjustment over the last six months with having to share his mommy and daddy with his new baby sister.  We thought that it would be fun to have a special birthday date with just him.  Every kid deserves to feel special and he is such a good big brother to Paisley.

Paisley hung out with Uncle Shelby and Aunt Jaime after Tyson's birthday party.  She was happy to have some special attention too so it was a win-win.

We decided to take Ollie bowling since he had never been.  

 He wanted to be very independent, but realized that the balls are heavier than he expected.

With some bumpers and a ramp he was set and ready to go.

The ball return took forever for some reason, but he patiently waited for another turn. 

Anything in these holes....?

Waiting for his next turn was a bit difficult for this little guy.

 Oliver was a big fan of bowling and did quite well.  As you can see, he actually led the first four frames.  (Riley and I are obviously not the best bowlers...perhaps we could have benefited from the bumpers too!)

Tyson's Birthday

We celebrated Tyson's 8th birthday yesterday.  He had a Nerf War themed party and the Nerf darts were flying throughout the party ;)

 Happy 8th, Tyson!

Six Months Old

Paisley Ann is half a year old today!

And the biggest and best news of all is that she is now sleeping at night!!  Several weeks ago, I was getting pretty desperate due to sleep deprivation.  I put up a post on Facebook explaining our situation and begging for advice.  She was waking more than she ever had before, even as a newborn.  We decided to move her to her room (which I was super nervous about because she had been getting up what felt like a gillion times a night and I really didn't want to walk down to her room that many times) and diffuse lavender essential oil in her room.  Now it didn't happen overnight... it took a little bit of time for her to get used to it, but she is now sleeping SO much better.  Often times she will sleep 8-9 hours at a time.  If she wakes to eat it is near time for her to wake, but more often that not she is sleeping  through the night.  The other day she slept for 10 hours!  Riley and I are so happy (and much more rested) for this change!
 Little Miss is still in 3 month clothes.  Her well-check appointment isn't until next week, so I'm not sure on height and weight stats.

She recently discovered her feet and loves to play with them especially when she has direct access to them without socks or footie jammies getting in the way.
 Paisley has a good routine going as far as during the day at daycare and with us at home.  Since changing her sleeping habits she seems to be less fussy.  She's mostly happy and smiley which we absolutely love.