Sunday, January 31, 2016

Ollie's First Steps

Today Ollie took his first steps!

Riley and I were practicing with him between the two of us.  I stood him up, he stood for several seconds by himself, and then took 4-5 steps to Riley.

What a big boy!

Grammy's 85th

Riley's grandma, Eva Nell, turned 85 this month so we schemed up a surprise for her.

We all met up in Junction City on Saturday and surprised her with K-State basketball tickets.  We all had a wonderful time and it was a great game.  Jim volunteered to stay home with the kiddos, so we had a relaxing afternoon together.
Ollie enjoyed his first Wendy's Frosty :)
He approved.
The kiddos had fun together.  Riding in a box was a hit with the little boys.

Oliver & Carter leaving their little fingerprints all over Aunt Jaime's window.

The surprises didn't end there for Grammy.  On Sunday we enjoyed Brookville chicken and a Cold Stone Creamery birthday cake.
Happy Birthday Grammy!

It was an awesome weekend and one that I don't think Grammy will forget.

Monday, January 25, 2016


While Riley and Ollie were back in Horton working on the toy box, I ventured to Paola to visit my college friend Kerby.  

Kerby recently purchased her first home so that meant a trip to Ikea was necessary.

I've only been to Ikea once before.  We went together on opening weekend and it was crazy busy.  We literally just shuffled through the crowd.  This time was much more enjoyable!

We somehow managed to spend FIVE hours in Ikea... no wonder we were so tired and had to lay down for a little rest in the middle of the store.

We shopped until we dropped ... literally

Packing the car was very strategic and a bit tight.

We even had a box shoved between us in the front seat, haha!
Great friend, awesome Ikea shopping buddy.

Toy Box

Riley and Ollie headed to Horton this past weekend with a project in mind.  We wanted to give Oliver a toy box for his first birthday so Riley and his dad built him one.

Ollie was excited to get packed up for a fun weekend.

Daddy must have been a wild driver because Ollie held on tight for the ride.

Here's a collection of photos of the toy box building process:

And here is the finished product!  It turned out great and is huge so Ollie will have plenty of room for his growing toy collection :)

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Snow Baby

Today was a snow day so Ollie and I spent the day together at home.
He watched the snow fall from the sliding glass door for quite a while this morning so I decided that I would take him out to play.

He loved the snow

 He even gave it a little taste.
 He didn't really like the constrictive nature of his snowsuit though.  He had trouble standing and couldn't crawl around either.  It was a short trip outside, but he enjoyed it.
 I think he was sad when we came back inside.  He pounded on the sliding glass door like he wanted to go back out.
 Warm, happy, toasty little baby back inside :)