Monday, April 30, 2012

Mail Call

When I came home today I was greeted by two packages.  There is no other way to turn a bad day into a good one than getting stuff in the mail and another thing crossed of the mile long wedding to do list.

The first package was from Shutterfly. I had a coupon for a free 12 by 12 photobook; I just had to pay shipping--SCORE.

I decided to make a book that can be used as a guestbook.

I used our engagement photos and was sure to leave lots of blank space for well wishes to be written.

Now I just need to find some pens that won't smear or bleed through.

My other package was from VistaPrint.  I got 100 free postards to use as our Save The Dates, all I had to pay was shipping -- SCORE again.

The Front of the Postcard
 (blurry--difficult to take a picture without getting a major glare.)

And the Back of the Postcard

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

More Engagement Photos

Riley and I got our CD full of engagement photos this past weekend. When I say a CD full of photos I mean full.  Our photographer gave us 2 CDs with a total of 129 photos, so many pictures they wouldn't fit on one CD.

Now we will struggle to pick out our favorites, but such a wonderful problem to have :)

Here are a few more for your viewing enjoyment...

Friday, April 6, 2012


There have been a lot of changes in the past 7 days.
I had an interview with Blue Valley Middle School for a part-time teaching job last Friday. It went really well and they called and offered the job to me on the following Monday. I happily accepted. Since it is only part-time, I plan to be a para in the afternoon.
The next day, Tuesday, Riley County School District called asking for an interview on Thursday. This interview was for a summer pre-school position. I received a phone call today and I got the job.
Riley and I are very excited. We will be looking for a place to me to live this summer and then he will join me in the fall. Finally after dating for almost 6 1/2 years we can begin our lives together.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Engagement Photos

Riley and I had our engagement photos taken this weekend.

We originally planned to take them in the late summer or early fall. With Riley's internship in Concordia this summer and the possibility of me having a job change, we wanted to get them done.

We won a free mini session with Kayla Stallbaumer from Capture. We wanted to turn our mini session into a full session so we could use it for our e-pics. Kayla agreed to do this for an additional cost of $60. So we set up a date (Friday, March 30th) and met in Manhattan.

Kayla was wonderful to work with and we had lots of fun. When we finished the session, Kayla told us that she didn't want any payment at all, she wanted us to win the whole session. Talk about generous!!!

Anyway, enough rambling... here are a few photos from our preview. We will get the rest in about 3 weeks.