Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Little Builder

Oliver got a new cube shelf for his toy area downstairs from Grandma Marcia and Grandpa Jim for Christmas.  Riley had help assembling it from this cute little builder.

"Here dad, let me tell you what to do next."

Ollie's Second Haircut

While we were in Horton for Christmas, Ollie got his hair cut for the second time.  I really wanted to hold out until after his first birthday, but it would have been a bit too unruly by then.  He did pretty well with it and now looks so much older.  Our little guy is just growing up way too fast.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Round 7: Banks Christmas

The  Banks Christmas was the day after Christmas.

Ollie sat with Dalton for the longest time just as content as could be.  We couldn't quite figure out why, but he has never sat so nicely for so long with anybody.  Dalton must have the special touch.

Hudson is a papa's boy and he gets jealous if papa is holding Ollie.

Bobby was searching for a napping partner.  The two of them snored together for hours :)

Playing pitch has been a Banks family Christmas tradition for a while now.  This year I finally learned how to play.

Round 6: Day After Christmas

Aunt Haley missed out on watching the kids open presents on Christmas Eve since she was at work.

We saved her gifts to the kids for the day after Christmas so she could watch them open them up.

 Ollie got his first K-State jersey!

 Aunt Haley hooked him up and he will be the most styling baby around :)

Round 5: Christmas Day

Christmas Day was spent at the Richlings.  Ollie spent the morning playing with his new toys.

Grandma and Grandpa got him this zebra block toy.

 Cousin Carter shared his new slide with Ollie.

We had a full house for Christmas that afternoon.

 Riley and I bought Ollie a ride on elephant toy.

Riley and I bought the boys matching(ish) jammies.  This photo was the best one I could get.

 The majority of the photos I took looked more like this:

Round 4: Christmas Morning

Santa came to Jim & Marcia's on Christmas morning.
 Ollie was more excited about his bottle and snuggles with grandma than he was with seeing what Santa brought him.

 Santa brought Tyson a new bike and Carter got a slide.
 For Oliver's first Christmas, Santa brought him an activity cube.

His stocking (a sock monkey, of course) had new socks, spoons, and stacking cups.

 He was a bit jealous of Tyson's bike.

 The majority of present opening was put off until the afternoon when Shelby, Jaime, Grammy, and Gregg would be there too.

 Tyson got a bb gun from grandma and grandpa, or a "baby" gun as he called it.

This cute little stink was ready for more :)