Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Gender Reveal

This past week I received a phone call from my doctor's office with the results of the genetic testing.  They came back completely normal and they also revealed the gender of baby number two!

I kept the secret from Riley only for a few hours as we were meeting with our realtor to go check out several potential houses.  As we were driving from one place to the next, I called Riley (who I was following in my car) and told him that I knew something that he didn't know.  Of course, he could see me grinning like a fool from his rear view mirror and knew exactly what it was that I knew.  I tortured him for a bit as we were busy looking at houses.  Once we finished at the last house (which is the house we have decided on...more on that in another post later) we stopped at Nelson's Landing for dinner.  My dad was staying at our house for a few days so he had Oliver and we took advantage of a kid-free meal.  As we were talking about the new house, I made the comment that the pond sure would be nice to take his two boys fishing.  It took him a little bit to get it, but when he did he made a comment about how we couldn't luck out with a girl.  I smiled and said, "Just kidding!  It's a Girl." 

We are both so excited to be welcoming a baby girl and knew that our families would be just as excited.

I picked up some balloons before we headed home for the weekend to reveal our big news.

My parents were up first:

 Riley's parent's were up next and their reactions were exactly what we expected:

We announced our exciting news on social media with this picture and the caption 
"This big mister is anxiously awaiting his little sister!"

Monday, February 13, 2017

Oliver's Birthday Party

Oliver's Milk & Cookies birthday party was a big hit.  We had more cookies than we knew what to do with and lots of ice cold milk to go along with them.



We had lots of special people join in celebrating the birthday boy.

Ollie was ready and excited for presents!  He was sure to gather up his trash and put it in the trash bag after each present was opened...what can I say, he is his mother's son.

 Needless to say, this little guy got spoiled.

Next up was cake, or in this case, cookies.  I did make Oliver a cookie cake so he will have something to put a candle in to blow out.

 Monster cookies were his cookie of choice...he strategically scraped his teeth along the top to get the M&Ms off.

 Milk & Cookie for everyone!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Oliver is Two

How... I'm really not sure... but somehow this little boy turned two today!