Monday, December 12, 2016


I had a bit of a baking party going on this past weekend.  My Aunt Rhonda, mom, and sister joined me in baking Christmas goodies the year before last.  We decided to make it an annual thing, but missed out on doing it last year.  We were determined to make it happen this year.

We had the same crew along with Rhonda's son's girlfriend, Emily.  We did lots of eating, laughing, baking, and perhaps a bit of drinking by some.

Friday night we just hung out and enjoyed each others company.

Saturday we spent the morning making all kinds of Christmas goodies.
Oliver also joined us this year.  He was sure to get the peanut butter jars cleaned out and not waste a bit.

Our crew!

I can't wait to do it again next year.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Weekend Routines

On weekends, we usually have a few things that we try to do each and every weekend.  

#1 is spend at least one day in our jammies.  This isn't always possible, but I definitely try my best to make it happen.

#2 is make breakfast.  This is usually a job for my assistant, Oliver, and I.  When I'm cooking he always wants to see and once he sees he then wants to help.  Most of the time, he is a good helper and follows directions well.  B&G was on the menu for day.

Riley's involvement was making some Tang...delicious, but not so nutritious.

It's been a while since we have had biscuits and gravy, but it was ranked with big smiles from Ollie and an 11.2 by Riley.  (Riley ranks my cooking on a 1-10 scale to give me a better idea of how he likes something, especially new recipes.  The rating system is better than the typical, "It's alright" that I used to get.)  
I've never scored above a 10 so this was a big win! ;)

#3 on our list of weekend things is laundry, the dreaded laundry.
Oliver does like to help so at least you've got a cute assistant.  Now if only he could fold...

Day Date

Last Christmas Riley and I received movie passes from my Aunt Rhonda and Uncle Chris.  Along with the movie passes also came the offer to babysit Oliver.  We finally got around to using them so we had a day date in Topeka while Aunt Rhonda babysat.

From the pictures I received, I'd say they had a pretty good time.