Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Little Mooch

Ollie has become quite the little mooch lately.  Often times, he will eat his supper while I am still cooking, which means he is out of his highchair when Riley and I finally get sat down to eat ours.  Even though he just ate, he mooches off of us.  I guess, I can't complain too much because he is a great little eater.

He also does lots of mooching during our car ride home in the afternoons.  I'm teaching preschool summer camp and we eat lunch at 11:00 am.  By the time 3:00 hits I'm starving to death so I usually pack snacks to eat on the way home.  Ollie eats a snack at daycare right before I pick him up but, every time he hears the slightest noise of a package wrapper his little hand flies out patiently waiting for me to share.  He usually lets out a little yell as if to say, "Hey lady, where is mine?"  I, of course, can't resist that little mooch and happily share my snacks :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Showering the Bride & Groom

We spent last weekend working on stuff around the house and also getting in some good 'ol relaxation.  Ollie and I also took a trip to Ozawkie for my cousin and his bride-to-be's bridal shower.  

Here is the happy couple posing for the traditional bridal shower family pictures:
This little cheese-ball what quite the snuggler while we were at the shower.  He typically is too busy to be snuggling up to anybody, but he was unsure with lots of unfamiliar faces.  I took full advantage of those snuggles as they are few and far between.

Batting his eyelashes at his great aunt Rhonda :)

Always a ham with a camera around :)

Monday, June 20, 2016

Ollie's Summer Photos

Father's Day 2016

We spent the weekend back home with our families for Father's Day.

Ollie always has a good time.

Saturday we attended the Richling family reunion and we spent the rest of the weekend relaxing.

(This photo is a few weeks old, but it is still cute.)
Two of my favorite guys :)

We took some photos of Ollie over the weekend... here are a few shots of him with his daddy this Father's Day weekend:

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Westmoreland Car Show

This weekend, Riley's parents came to visit.  
Ollie got to swim in his new pool for the first time.  

 It was pretty cold as we had just filled it so he only waded around in it for a few minutes and spent the rest of the time splashing from the outside.

I didn't get any pictures from the car show, oops.  It was hot and Ollie and I left early to go back home so we could cool off and he could take a nap.  Riley did win his category so he was pretty pumped when they got home.  We celebrated with dinner in Manhattan and a trip to Menards :)

Friday Night Pizza Night

Most Friday nights at the Richling household are pizza nights.  We do lots of variations including take-and-bake pizzas, pizza pasta, pizza casseroles, take-out pizza, and homemade pizza.  

Who doesn't love pizza and who doesn't love Fridays?   

Well this Friday, I had a helper.  And what a cute helper I had.

He did lots of taste testing.

He also did lots of cheesy grins...

...followed by more taste testing.

"What cheese?  I wasn't eating any cheese?"

He only nibbled a bit on pepperoni... 
...and then he replaced it back on the pizza.

Full tummy.  Happy boy.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Monkey Bread with my Little Monkey

Today this little monkey and I made monkey bread together for breakfast.  He's a great little helper and always is a willing taste tester.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Professional Pancake Maker

Part of the reason for our Ikea trip a while back was to get a stool for Oliver.  I had seen an idea on Pinterest for making a kitchen helper using a stool from Ikea.  I loved the look, size, and price of the project and knew that I had a handy husband that could build it.

Oliver loves his new kitchen helper stool and I think I might love it even more.  Prior to having this stool, cooking supper was a very difficult task as I always had a little one at my feet wanting me to pick him up so he could see what was going on.  Now, he climbs on up and plays with stuff on the counter while I cook.  Keeps the baby entertained and keeps mommy sane -- that's a win in my book.

Anyway, we got to sleep in a little bit yesterday before heading to work, school, and daycare.  We had a rare moment of making breakfast together on the weekday.  Riley is typically the pancake extraordinaire, but I think Ollie may be giving him some competition with his pancake making skills :)

He definitely wins the award for cheesiest smile!  (His new thing is that he will give a huge cheesy grin when somebody says "Smile."  We, of course, take full advantage of this new trick.)

Stir, stir, stir. (And look at the fine piece of craftsmanship, thanks daddy.)

Mmmm, Ollie approved.