Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Name

Coming up with a name for our little bundle of joy has been one of the most difficult tasks that we have had.  As a teacher, the names become more limited each year that I teach.  I don't want to name our child the name of a previous student.  It doesn't even have anything to do with the student, it's just that I think of the student when I hear the name.  Obviously some names have negative feelings if s/he was a difficult student, but I'm even turned off about using names of my best students.

Riley rarely suggests names and when he does he is frustrated by my constant veto because about 99% of the time he suggest as name of a previous student.  He is also vetoing my names as he claims that I am "just putting letters together to make up names that aren't really even names."  Like every other parent, I want my child's name to be unique without being weird.  I'm sure that not everybody will like the name that we choose, but that's okay.

We have a girl name that we agree on, but the boy name is still a struggle.  At this point I am glad that we have decided to find out the gender of our baby.  If we are having a girl, this whole name issue can end.  However, if it is a boy.... we are in for a several more months of name disagreements.

No matter what name we decide on and when we make our decision, we are choosing to keep it a secret until the birth.  Since I agreed to find out the sex, Riley has agreed to keep the name a secret.  However, the way that we are going right now, if it's a boy we will need all the time we can get to decide on a name.

We have a sonogram scheduled for the end of the month.  We are both very excited and anxious to see if we will be welcoming a boy or a girl to our family!