Sunday, June 25, 2017

Potty Training

With a new baby coming, I'd really like to get Oliver out of diapers.  I had considered it in the spring when he was really interested in the potty, but honestly didn't have the energy with packing for our move.  I let the idea go especially when he became disinterested in going potty toward the end of the school year.

Another child at his daycare (the only other one that is near his age) potty trained in the last few weeks and is doing really well.  I figured that perhaps since she was going pee pee in the potty that he might be more into it.  

Riley was in Florida for work most of last week, so I decided to give it a try.  Each day after school I put him in big boy undies.  He had a couple of accidents towards the beginning of the week, but by the end of the week he was doing really well.  His potty celebration dance is the best!
We've used M&Ms as rewards each time he goes and he's made lots of progress already.  He wore big boy underwear all weekend with NO accidents!  (We switched him to pull-ups for naptime and nighttime.  He stayed dry during naptime...not so much at night, but that's to be expected.)  We even went to church with him in big boy underwear...a bit of a risk, but he did it!

We are excited to see how he does at daycare this week and hope that he continues doing so well.  At this rate, we will be able to say bye-bye to the idea of having two kids in diapers come August.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Backyard Fun

After church tonight, we decided to try out the fire pit in the back yard.  (It needs a little TLC due to all the weeds, but it still served it's purpose.)  Today has been a very cool summer day so we took advantage of the lower temps while we could.

We roasted hot dogs...

...and, of course, marshmallows for smores too!
Oliver loved eating marshmallows and chocolate, just not together as smores, silly kid doesn't know what he is missing.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Preschool with Mommy

Oliver's daycare closed early one day last week so  he got to hang out with me at the preschool for a couple hours.  As always, he made himself right at home.

I won't be starting this next school year due to being on maternity leave.  So the next time I start a school year, this little guy will be in my preschool class.  Time can slow down anytime now!

Friday, June 16, 2017


We've been practicing colors and counting.  Some days are better than others...check out his latest progress...

Monday, June 12, 2017

Big Boy Bed

Last night was Ollie's first night in his big boy bed.  Riley and I spent the weekend getting a bunch of projects done around the house and this was a major one.  Riley painted the baby's room so that the crib and dresser could be moved out of Oliver's room and his new bed and dresser could be moved in.

I can't believe that he is big enough to sleep in a big boy bed, but he couldn't be happier.
He did great!

Saturday, June 10, 2017


We officially have our first room completed entirely in our new home.  Riley and I have been working hard trying to get projects done on our never-ending list.  We've got lots done, but still have lots left to do.  It was nice to get one room completed - Oliver's playroom.

I'm really happy with how it turned out and know that it will get lots of use.  Our routine has been that after bath time, we hang out up here and wind down before bedtime.  

Oliver is very pleased as well and often asks to go upstairs to play (mainly because that is where all his big tractors are, haha).

Summer Fun

Summer is underway and I've been using it to try to spend some time with Oliver doing fun things before his little world gets rocked when baby sister joins the family in August.  Although it is hot and we've got a massive list of house projects to get completed, we are also making memories with our little boy.

As I was painting the table and chairs for Oliver's playroom, he decided that he wanted to paint too.  I knew monitoring his painting with real paint would keep me from continuing my own painting so I gave him a cup of water and a paint brush.
I told him that he could paint anything that he wanted and it kept him occupied for a long time...
...and he had fun.  Win, win!

My friend, Kerby, came to town so I drug her along to the pool with us.  It was our first time at the Clay Center pool and Oliver's first time ever at a public pool.
He wasn't too sure of it at first and wanted to be held the whole time, but finally decided that the shallow kid area wasn't too bad.

Snuggling with Aunt Kerby is the best.

As his grandma would say, "Picasso in Pampers!"