Sunday, August 19, 2012

Open Heart Surgery

I'm overjoyed to say that I am home from Cleveland.  My parents, Riley and I all ventured to Ohio so I could have open heart surgery.  The surgery took place on Thursday, August 9th.  I got out of ICU by Friday night and was released from the hospital on Monday night.  We spent two days traveling home back to Kansas.  Luckily, everything went well and there were no complications.

Needless to say, I am very sore and in lots of pain.  My surgeon said that he had never seen a case quite like mine.  He also commented that I have only been using one lung my entire life because all of the function of the other lung was being completely wasted.  I'm very anxious to get healed up and see how I feel with a properly working heart.  Dr. Petterson said that once he was done with me, I would have to run full marathons instead of just halfs.

I missed the first day of school at my new job.  I'm kind of heartbroken about it (no pun intended).  I was really looking forward to meeting my students and new co-workers.  According the the doctors, I am suppose to take off 4-6 weeks.  Lesson plans are written for four weeks; I'm hoping that will be plenty since I only teach part-time.

I had big plans for working on lots of wedding stuff ... but I'm a lot more sore than I thought I would be.  We shall wait and see...