Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Dress

I have found THE DRESS!!!

Yesterday I had an appointment at David's Bridal. My mom, my MIL to be, my MOH, and I drove to Topeka. We met my sister and Kerby, one of my bridesmaids.

Our first stop was Dillard's were my mom found a dress, jewelry, and shoes. I LOVE her dress. It is a short red dress with rose-like details at the top of it. It is really cute and flattering on her.

After Dillard's we headed to a Mexican restaurant for dollar margaritas and some yummy food. Once we were stuffed, we had a little time left before my appointment at David's so we ran to Verizon to get my parents new phones.

When we got to David's Bridal I met my consultant, Leah. She was super nice and really easy to work with. Here is a group shot of my ladies (minus Krista who is taking the photo).

Krista (MOH) and Kerby insisted that I try on a big poofy dress. It was pretty, but SO not me. I love the look of everybody's expressions in the mirror. You know it's not the one, when everybody starts laughing when you come out of the dressing room.

Another dress...not the one.

I tried on several others but once I tried on THE DRESS I knew it was the once. I still tried on a few more and kept going back to the favorite. With a smile on my face, I rung the bell signaling that I was saying yes to my dress.

I have photos of myself in THE dress, but I'll be keeping them hidden.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Another Successful Bridal Fair

Yesterday, Riley and I went to another Bridal Fair. This time we traveled to Seneca. Again, we came out big winners.

When we first got there, my name was called about 15 minutes in, for a photo album.

We walked around, hit up most of the booths, and ran to Subway for a quick bit to eat. We came back after eating because the big prizes were being drawn at 3:00. There weren't many people there from 2:15-2:45 so we had a chance to make it around to the booths that we hadn't prior to eating. During this time, my name was called again for 20% off a bridal jewelry set.

My name was also called for a free photography session from Capture. The session includes a CD with full resolution pictures and print release for all images. We will be using this for our engagement photos, probably in the summer or fall.

Here's a photo of Kayla from Capture. We are super excited to work with her.

Photo Source

As it got closer to 3:00, more and more people starting showing up for the big prize drawings. They drew for the biggest prize first--a 32-in flat screen TV. To our surprise, they drew my name :)

Photo Source

It was a great day and I don't think Riley will be giving me a hard time about dragging him to bridal fairs :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Maids

I didn't have a difficult time in deciding this. In fact, it was probably the easiest decision of all, besides the groom of course :)

MOH High School BFF: Krista
She has been my best friend since 2nd grade. We were very close in high school and stayed in contact while in college. We are both teachers and relate to each other very easily.
It was a given that Krista would be my Maid of Honor. I'm pretty sure I asked her about an hour after I got engaged :)

Bridesmaid Sister: Haley

I love my sister, but we are complete opposites. I am organized and serious. Haley is crazy fun and a more go with the flow kind of girl. She agreed that she didn't want the responsibilty of being MOH, so she was happy to be a bridesmaid.
Since I only have one sister, it was a given that she would be in the wedding. I believe her reaction to me asking her was, "Uhh, sure I guess."

Bridesmaid College BFF: Kerby

This girl is a ball of fun and always makes me laugh. She and I became great friends in college and lived together our last year at Emporia. The reception wouldn't be the same without her there.
Bridesmaid Riley's Sister-in-Law: Jaime
Bridesmaid Riley's Sister-in-Law: Heidi

Technically, she is Riley's sister-in-law, but I feel like that seems too distant. Jaime has been my shopping buddy time and time again. We never walk out of a mall together without armloads of shopping bags filled with good deals. Jaime and I seem to be able to talk for hours. She and I have spent many nights up late talking while the boys are snoozing away.
Again, Riley's sister-in-law, but still seems too distant for me. Heidi has always been super sweet and made me feel comfortable at those awkward family things.  She's really easy to relate to and always fun to hang out with. Plus, she made me the CUTEST ring bearer ever :)
I asked Jaime & Heidi while we were at the bridal store in Wichita. They were looking at some hideous prom dresses. We were discussing how awful the dresses were. I casually said something about when I go shopping for bridesmaid dresses, they will need to come so they can pick out what they want to wear. To be honest, they had the best reaction. They both gave a little squeal and we had a little group hug right there in the store :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Dress Hunt (Part 2)

After falling in love with the Adorae, I was excited to find a much cheaper dress made by DaVinci. They look very similar to me, but of course I had to try it on.

This past weekend, Riley and I went to Newtwon. (Riley's brother Derrick lives there with his wife, Heidi and their son, Tyson. Riley's parents and other brother, Shelby and his wife, Jaime were also there for the weekend.) Every year there is a swap meet that the guys like to go to. While this is going on, the girls do what they do best-- shop.

I found a bridal store in Witchia carried DaVinci and they had the sample dress that is similar to the Adorae. All the girls agreed to go, so off we went with little 2 year-old Tyson in tow.

I tried on several dresses. This first one is the Adorae-look-a-like made by DaVinci. I really liked it and so did the girls.

(I'm not going to post a photo of myself in the dress. It might be "the one.")

I really didn't think I wanted a "big" dress, but I agreed to try this next dress. Looking back on it now, there are several things that I really don't like about it. However, when I came out in this dress my future mother-in-law got teared up along with Heidi too. I think I was just so overwhelmed by their reactions that it made me really really like the dress.

(sorry for the poor quality of pics--cell phone is to blame)

I do still like the back quite a bit, but it's a lot of dress.

As of now, my front runner is still the DaVinci, but I do have an appointment at David's Bridal, so the decision has not yet been made.