Tuesday, May 30, 2017

A Week a Maamaw & Papa's

Oliver's daycare was closed last week and I still had to finish up the school year and start summer camp...so he spent the week at my parents' house.  It actually worked out nicely because Jim and Marica just took him home after Carter's birthday party.  They were keeping Tyson for the week so they had a carload going home.  They kept him for a bit and then passed him off to my parents.

Maamaw & Papa sent pictures daily of his adventures at their house...from the looks of it, he did a lot of eating :)


This favorite, always requested, "chicken and fries."
(He looks SO grown up in this picture.)

They went to the summer library program to listen to stories and do an art project.  (I wish I could take him to more things like this, but they usually take place in the mornings and I'm working at summer camp.)

The timing of his little trip away was really good.  I've been having major lower back pain from being pregnant with little miss and haven't been able to do much of anything other than work.  Riley and I had high hopes for all that we would get done around the house since Oliver was gone, but we didn't get much of anything accomplished.

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