Saturday, June 10, 2017

Summer Fun

Summer is underway and I've been using it to try to spend some time with Oliver doing fun things before his little world gets rocked when baby sister joins the family in August.  Although it is hot and we've got a massive list of house projects to get completed, we are also making memories with our little boy.

As I was painting the table and chairs for Oliver's playroom, he decided that he wanted to paint too.  I knew monitoring his painting with real paint would keep me from continuing my own painting so I gave him a cup of water and a paint brush.
I told him that he could paint anything that he wanted and it kept him occupied for a long time...
...and he had fun.  Win, win!

My friend, Kerby, came to town so I drug her along to the pool with us.  It was our first time at the Clay Center pool and Oliver's first time ever at a public pool.
He wasn't too sure of it at first and wanted to be held the whole time, but finally decided that the shallow kid area wasn't too bad.

Snuggling with Aunt Kerby is the best.

As his grandma would say, "Picasso in Pampers!"

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