Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Omaha Mini Vacation

We ventured to my aunt and uncle's in Bellevue this past weekend for a little mini vacation.  The Omaha Zoo was our main priority, that and spending time with Bobby, Paula, Braeden, and Bryson!

Prior to going into the zoo, we played at the Rosenblatt Stadium which is where the college World Series used to take place.

It was great to have some family time with Oliver, especially since his world will soon be rocked with a new baby sister.

Oliver was really good and seemed to enjoy everything he saw.

His favorite was the giraffes.  When we talk about the zoo that's what he mentions first.  "Giraffes.  They eating leaves."

Although it was a bit toasty, it wasn't unbearable for July.

Oliver also loved the splash park.  He was getting pretty sweaty and had some red cheeks so this was the perfect way for him to cool off. 

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