Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Party Prep

Somehow, this little boy is about to turn 2...which means a birthday party is in the works.  This year I decided on a "Cookies & Milk" themed party.  (Riley give me crap about it, but I really don't like characters... I'm not sure why, but I just don't like them.  This makes party planning a little more difficult because I just can't bring myself to plan a Mickey Mouse, Batman, or whatever party.)

Anyway, on with the story.  Since Oliver is having a Cookies and Milk birthday party, I had lots of cookies to get baked.  I ended up doing 6 different kinds of cookies including a GF batch for Jaime along with a small layered cookie cake for the birthday boy.  With so much baking to do, I decided to enlist my small child to help me with the task.  We baked several weekends ahead and tucked them away in the freezer until the party.

My cute little helper (who needed a haircut at the time!) was really good at helping to mix ingredients in.  He was surprising patient and waited until I told him what to do next.

Most baking weekends took place in our jammies :)

Ollie was great at unwrapping kisses for the peanut butter blossoms.  He carefully would place the unwrapped chocolate in the bowl and put the trash in the other bowl.  At one point he came across a kiss that didn't have the little white paper at the top... he announced "Broke" and placed it to the side.  Haha, I love this little guy and his personality so much.

Ollie did really well with the mixer and loved watching it spin and mix.  We did have a small disaster when I thought that he couldn't take the lid off the vanilla.  Boy was I wrong, not only did he get the lid off, but also managed to spill the entire container all over everything.

Considering how many opportunities there were for mess making... I'd still say he did alright with just the one mess.


Ollie also helped with his party decor. 

Fine motor skills at their finest.

He helped to fill each of these milk containers with cookie crisp cereal...after a little taste testing, of course.

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